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>> this is 9 news now. >> the presidential candidates are out tonight. some maryland vet years trying to avoid long lines on tuesday found themselves in long lines this city and that is where we found them too. >> reporter: there was early voting in 2010 too but the number of early voters has already more than doubled the total number of early voters then. speaking of election history and how it repeats itself, 50 years ago last night there was this. >> next tuesday, november 6, is election day. i hope every american will turn out and vote. >> they did. the rush hour in silver spring
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was crawling with early voters thursday evening, undeterred by storm cleanup or broken legs. >> voting is our right. i would not miss it for anything. >> reporter: ters said they waited more than an hour to vote. why take the time to do it? >> because i want my vote to matter and i have been to eager to vote and get this election out-of-the-way. >> reporter: state-wide. more than 225,000 early voters cast ballots by tuesday. mitt romney and president obama both talked about the storm. >> when disaster strike, we see america at its best, all the petty differences that consume us all seem to melt away. >> reporter: that was earlier this week. >> i drove by a group of
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protesters today, out there chanting "four more years" our chant is "five more days." this is lime for real change. when i'm elected president, we'll bring change to america. >> attacks cut that favor is wealthy is not change. >> reporter: it is friday, saturday, sunday, monday, four days to go. >> we'll have to come up with a new slogan tomorrow. >> reporter: the 225,000 maryland voters voted by the end of tuesday night. i should have said by the end of last night, but it is close, abc news posts obama 49, romney 48. some say obama 49, romney 47. anyone can make a difference. new consumer confidence survey is up. tomorrow, watch the last unemployment report before the election. it is close and anything can
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make a difference. >> it is. gary. so are you getting a little tired of politics? a four year old little girl burst into tears after hearing about the election again on npr. >> i'm tired. i'm tired of uncle bama and mitt romney. >> it will be soon over, okay? the election will be over tune, okay? >> yea. >> npr wrote a letter of apology so her saying there is only a few days left. new at 11:00, new details about the attack on the compound in libya. the cia says it rushed in security teams within 25 minutes of the start of the attack. they took control of the effort to evacuate u.s. personnel but
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despite their efforts, ambassador chris stephens and two other citizens were killed. and life is still a far cry from normal in "new york post" sandy. we have a story on life in one of the hardest hit states. when you have a city with the largest subbasis testimony, when it is down, it is crippling. some lines were up today. but you cannot escape post sandy new york. >> reporter: everywhere you go, it is there. >> everything has been touched by sandy. >> reporter: from long island, where houses are destroyed, lights out, cars dead, still. to new york city, where frustration is the new normal. >> get in front of me.
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>> reporter: here, three long days in the dark and three long hours for gas are taking their toll. speaking of tolls are free, but you pay in waiting. if you have less than three people in the car you don't get over a bridge or new a tunnel. >> move to the front, let's go. >> reporter: no news story can wrap up the toll of super storm sandy. the death toll is 97. more than half in the tristate area. today, the discovery of two boys swept from their mother on a staten island street at the height of the storm, they got out to get help, but she could not hold on. they found their bodies in a marsh today. still, there are signs of hope. signs of making the best of it. like new yorkers are known to do. >> we are here not only for
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homework, but for warmth and to be around people. >> reporter: the recovery has been slow and stressful. as the city saw post 9/11 there is a renewed dedication to volunteering. meals and bottled water are being distributed. over in new jersey, the cleanup is going on long beach island, like the other islands on the shore, homes are wrecked, there is no heat, water, cities are filled with sand and there are a crumbled mess of boats and cars. two million people in jersey don't have power. in hoboken, thousands or stranded. a lot of stations are shut down because they don't have power and the ones that do can't meet the demand for gas. and the damage from sandy hit close to home right here at
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wusa-9. earlier we showed you this video. monday night, a huge tree came crashing into one of our reporters' home. take a look at the picture. the free fell on his bed. his wife had gotten up ten minutes earlier. today, that tree was removed. it was so tricky so companies refused to get involved. what a mess. we are glad that bruce is safe. to hear him talk about his experience, go to last night, we profiled steve and haleen nichols. they reached out to us when they feared that a long power outage could put steve's life at risk. >> reporter: it is so nice to
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meet you. >> steve has als. his ventilator was powered by aent later. we got to them last night and the electricity is back on. i was happy to visit them in their home last night. you can help the hurricanes of victim sandy. go to our facebook page and click "like." we'll donate a dar to the sandy relief fund. after a nationwide man hunt a suspected bomber was caught in montana. >> lawrence stewart, the accused bomber had been on the run two days and made to it the state of montana before authorities caught up with him. >> the highway patrol stopped him for speeding and learned that he was wanted here.
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>> reporter: investigators say he fled monta montana officials and lunched four pipe bombs at authorities. >> reporter: we heard the trooper and deputy announce that he was throwing pipe bombs at them and they were exploding as he was pursuing them. >> reporter: he was stropped and arrested. he was in the car from new jersey but he had stolen montana tags. >> it was a a relief. >> reporter: stewart is being blamed for bombing the home of a stafford county detective, a deputy, and his ex-girlfriend. he had an ax to grind stemming from two different arrests. he wrote the police and dea are working in order to make me
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seem like a dangerous criminal. he posted pictures of what he claims are wounds from his ex- girlfriend. >> we can all sleep safely tonight knowing he is off the street. >> reporter: this guy is facing federal charges in virginia and now in montana. among them several counts of attempting to kill law enforcement officers and acts of terror. >> reporter: a local police officer charged with trying to murder a machine that -- man that he was arrested. prosecutors allege that in september he arrested a man on suspicion of stealing a motorcycle. the man got away and ran down the street. the prosecutors say riley abused his authority and shot the man in the back. dudes in heels, stick around. i'm an investigative report in
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the heart of the restaurant district, with a closure for rodents and roaches. grab a jacket. a couple sprinkles are possible. 30s and 40s until you get to 9:00. we'll come back and tell you if we'll finish with the sunshine and make changes on the weekend forecast. .
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. a trendy bistro, one part mouse, one part roach. >> in silver spring, he has your food alert. >> you are about to see a popular chef get very angry, then very candid about cleaning up, but first, at hunan palace in gaithersburg, we tried to look around, but workers asked us to leave. they saw roaches dead and a
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life and in containers. health agents reported roaches and this restaurant in silver springs. the manager invited us in saying they hired an exterminator and complied. >> we've done this every month. >> reporter: but we found this. >> you think that is rodent feces? >> i don't know. >> reporter: whatever that was, a worker swept it away. for the rest of the kitchen there, you can judge for yourself. at sardi', in gait theseburg, they are known for their chicken. there are refrigerated restaurant chicken was stored at a dangerous 65 degrees. >> watch your step here. >> the manager took us downstairs, and showed us they replaced a thermostat gauge and now their chicken is in the safe zone at 40. off the corridor on 9th street,
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the doors were shut at this restaurant when we stopped by. they were cited for operating with no hot water or food shafting manger. and at this restaurant, they found mice and live roaches, some on a cutting board in food prepare. >> i'm not sure why you feel this is necessary to do this. >> we cover all the closure. if you want to show us what you did. do not take a picture of me. >> reporter: that was mia, the owner and chef. but you have to give her credit. just a few minutes later, she returned. if you want to come in, definitely. please come in. >> reporter: it was all underneath here and back there. there is no sign of rodent or
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roaches. >> she blamed it on an abandoned building next door and said they bleached and sanitized inside and exterminators have exterminated at mia's. >> it was unexpected. we had to take extreme measures to allieveiate the problem. and we'll continue to do so. >> reporter: mia's and all the restaurants passed reinspection and are back in business. i'm with 9 news. >> you have to give her some props there. she apologized and showed them what they were doing. >> i have been to patino's several times, i didn't know he had issues. >> we found more people running but not from our come last. >> check out this crowd, the high heel race. for 25 years, they dress up in drag and race through the
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streets. the event was held the tuesday mr. halloween but was postponed tonight. >> they postponed it just a couple days. great costumes. >> all right. only 53 today. we should be 64. back to average, we will be all right. more sunshine tomorrow. it will be the nicest day of the week. that is setting the barlow. but still the nicest day of the week. here is the weather cam. temperatures are in the 40s. even downtown they are in the upper 40s. dewpoint, low 30s. winds out of the west at 7. humidity not bad. it is still recovering from sandy. okay. radar, notice we see some mixed precipitation north of 70 and showers up for pittsburgh. this is going to rotate through tonight. the best chance of a sprinkle or shower is north of town, up
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toward hag errs town. you might see some snowflakes. you may see crowds and no precipitation and by 6:30, clouds, and no precipitation. by mid morning, a couple sprinkles. by noon, we begin to clear out. finally, we are looking at sunshine by 7:00 and by 7:00 tomorrow, most of the showers will shut off in western maryland. western maryland had 24 to 30- inches. gatlinburg, tennessee, had 34- inches with sandy. that is impressive. all right. headlines. gold star, maybe a morning sprinkle north of town. a jacket required, a good idea for both you and the kids, a breezy to windy tomorrow. we'll see kinds winds in excess of 25 miles per hour. you will need your sunglasses in the morning and friday afternoon. so, overnight, we'll see mostly
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cloudy, breezy and cold. winds westerly at 10 to 15. by morning, becoming partly sunny. again, could see a sprinkle, 30s and 40s. winds west-northwest. high around 55, and the weather alerts, green, green, green, 54 and a sprinkle, 53 on saturday, we have the walk or autism speaks. we lower temperatures to only 53 but try. next 7 days, monday we'll keep it cool, mid 50s. still watching a storm off the coast on wednesday and thursday next week. right now we'll just say cold and maybe cloudy on thursday with highs in the 40s. all right. we'll have sports in just a minute.
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. and now, 9 sports. the redskins well aware a loss this sunday eliminates hopes for a post-season run. they realize their defense is not much more people to be afraid of, but carolina lost the last five games and this is a team they should beat. the defense knows they have more to worry about than just cam newton. >> i think you have to take care of business with all those guys. you have good skill players, they have two really good running backs. they all present problems.
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>> and cornerback d'angelo hall will play. he has been fined and not suspended after getting in an altercation with a referee and was ejected from the game. >> we are giving away another skins jersey, number 91. ryan kerrigan. log on the facebook page and tell us why adessive it and you will be entered to win. the winner will be announced at 7:00 on saturday after the s.e.c. football game. >> logan thomas and the hokies facing miami tonight. look at that. action completely untouched for the touchdown. he is 3rd all time in touchdown rushes. the canes were too much for the hokies, virginia tech loses 30- 12. the terrapins host indiana
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university tonight in basketball. the terps return four starters to go along with the nationally ranked rerecruiting class. coach mark turgeon is excited. >> the class is deeper. you will see it tomorrow. >> time to announce the winner of the game of the week poll. you chose falls church at stewart. we'll have extended highlights tomorrow at 11:00. less than 48 hours after winning his first gold glove, adam laroche said "show me the mone
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